Austin Smith - ASMITHDEV

I'm a senior software engineer, specialized in full stack software as a service, web application, and mobile application development. I've been developing software since I was 16 and professionally since 2012, during my career I've worked on a wide variety of technology stacks across many different market spaces. I was fortunate in my career to land a role as a consultant, giving me the real world experience I needed to work my way from a junior developer, all the way up to a Senior Software Engineer, Technology Lead, and Software Project manager.

During this time, I've gained real world experience working in various languages including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Groovy, C#, and Javascript including Node.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, ExtJS, React.js, ReactNative, and my own parallel computing library Hamsters.js.

I've met and worked with some truly brilliant and great people along the way as well, and I'd love to work with you. If you are in need of consulting services, bespoke software development, software refactoring & performance optimization, or architectural planning feel free to contact me via email below.